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Are you ready to take your cooking skills to the next level? Say goodbye to takeout and hello to healthy, gourmet meat and veggie rolls! Our Dolma roller helps you prepare tightly packed rolls to serve to your family and friends. You'll have the best appetizers in town!

Our innovative little machine even helps you make sushi rolls. Amazing!


  • Time Saver - If you love to make dumplings, stuffed grape leaves, and sushi but hate the time and effort they take to prepare, our meat and veggie roller machine can help. our device is super easy to sue and gets dinner on your plate in moments. All you have to do is place the leaf, seaweed, or dough on the roller, add filling, and slide the handle. That's it! The food roller does the rest.
  • Money Saver - Stop wasting money on takeout or going to restaurants. Our machine can help you create perfectly rolled appetizers right from home, just like your favorite eatery!
  • Get Compliments - Your friends and family will think you spent hours in the kitchen, but you know the truth! Thanks to the magic veggie and meat roller, you'll be amazing your family with your culinary skills.


  • Size: 35 cm x 8 cm