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Restaurant-style hamburgers are delicious, but sometimes, you don't want to leave your house or spend the money to get one. That's why this Hamburger Press is a must-have. It's made from heavy-duty metal that presses hamburger into perfect patties, every time!

Each burger comes out perfectly round with the level of thickness that you desire. Make burgers to go directly on the grill or for the freezer. Your choice!


EASY TO USE - Our amazing burger press is so easy to use! Seriously, it's effortless. All you do is press the meat with the device and there you have it...perfectly formed patties!

NO CLEANING NEEDED - Unlike preparing patties by hand, our device is virtually mess-free! Line the patty press with wax paper and no meat will come in contact with the gadget. It's that simple. Saves you time and hassle.

ADJUSTABLE BURGER THICKNESS - Our device gives you the option to make your burgers as thick or thin as you want. You can go all the way up to 1.5 inches in thickness!

USED BY PROFESSIONALS - This lightweight, durable patty press can be found in professional kitchens all over the world. It's designed to give you restaurant-quality results.

PREMIUM ALL METAL DESIGN - This press is built to last a lifetime. Instead of cheap plastic, our press is made with heavy-duty metal. Use it for years to come!