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This Wonderful Tool Can Help Save Your Life!

The elderly and disabled can't always get to the doctor's office for a simple pulse ox reading test. That's why we are offering our highest rated Digital Pulse Oximeter. This amazing tool can be used from the comforts of your own home. It's always accurate and VERY EASY to operate.

Even if you are able to get to your doctor's office there is the inconvenience factor. Our device allows you to check your stats whenever and wherever you're at because it's portable and compact. You can keep it in your nightstand, purse, backpack, or car.


  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DEVICE - Designed to fit all ring fingers, this amazing device is ideal for people of all ages, even children. It is able to tell you both your pulse rate AND your blood oxygen saturation levels. It's really important to be in a stationary position inn order to get an accurate reading.
  • QUICK AND CONVENIENT READINGS - SpO2 and Pulse Rate are graphed on the bright dual color OLED display. The OLED display cover prohibits ambient light washout, making
  • readings clear and easy to see. Rotatable multi-directional display, 4 directions, 6 modes, allow you to view your results in any direction.
  • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION - Our device will turn off by itself when it isn't being used. The battery life is good for 24-hours of continuous use.
  • EASY TO CARRY - You'll love the convenient and compact carrying case that the Pulse Oximeter comes in. Feel free to take the device with you anywhere you please. It's ideal for your purse, gym bag, briefcase, and more.
  • BUILT-IN ALARM - Our machine is so amazing that it features an auditory alarm to alert you when your SpO2 and pulse rate levels are beyond the pre-set limits. It also beeps with every pulse.
  • GREAT FOR HOME USE, WHEN WORKING OUT, OR TRAVEL - You'll love having this handy device with you wherever you go. it;s perfect for in the home, when exercising, and when on the go.


Update: This product is selling extremely fast and only available for a limited time.  Therefore supplies will run out very soon.  Get yours before it is gone.


Are you looking for an affordable, non-bulky way to read your blood oxygen levels and pulse rate? We've created a tool for you that'll give you accurate readings in just 8 seconds. All you need is our device and your fingertip.

Our device is designed to quickly and accurately tell you if your blood is getting enough oxygen. It's also important to know that your heart is beating at a healthy rate. You can trust that our machine will always give you safe and effective results.

This oximeter includes both Plethysmograph and Perfusion Index (PI) in one
device. These two world-renowned features, the Plethysmograph and Perfusion Index (PI),
improve the accuracy of the readings by a landslide. 

Our device provides you with the simplest, quickest way to detect and monitor your vital signs before and after you perform any physical activity. This machine is perfect for athletes to have while they workout or compete. Another group of people who can benefit from having the Pulse Oximeter are those involved in aviation or people who travel a lot and need to keep an eye on their heart rate and pulse ox levels.