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Dogs need to roam and romp outdoors. It's part of who they are. However, dirty paws are often the result. We've created a device that safely cleans your dog's paws and keeps your home print free!

Our device is safe for all pets, even your cat! The soft, silicone bristles are effective, yet gentle. The device fits snugly around your dog's paws and cleans away the dirt and grime within seconds.


  • REMOVES BUILD-UP AND DIRT: The silicone bristles are very soft and kind to your dog's paws. Not a trace of mud and grime will be left. The bristles even clean between pads and claws. From sand to harmful chemicals, Pawzy removes them all!
  • FAST & EASY TO USE: All you do is add a bit of water to the canister and a splash of soap. Then, place your dog's dirty paw into the tube. Move the canister up and down and side to side for best results. Repeat on all paws. Pat paws dry.
  • GENTLE SILICONE DESIGN: The gentle silicone bristles are crafted from high-quality non-stick and non-staining material. Very easy to take apart and clean.
  • NO MORE MUDDY PAW PRINTS: Use Pawzy before bringing your pet into the house and prevent dirt and mud from getting onto your floors and furniture!