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  • USPS Worldwide Insured Shipping & Tracked Delivery.  Selling Fast And Limited Supply At This Time.  This Item Is In High Demand! Grab Yours Today. 
  • Clean & Treat Your Feet With What It Needs Now! Our Scrub-Right Foot Washer Is The Answer! Cleans Feet 10x More Efficiently Without Bending!

Our amazing Exfoliating Brush Cleaning Slippers are perfect for all showers! Simply stick them to the floor and start scrubbing your tootsies! You'll be left with clean, smooth, happy feet.


  • After scrubbing and massaging the feet, improved blood circulation and relaxation to the feet muscles will follow.
  • More than 1000 bristles on top and bottom and embed pumice stone at the heel that cleans and exfoliates your feet gently. More easy and convenient.
  • 11*4.5 in/28*11.5cm that suitable for most people. You can do your foot spa while taking shower.
  • Keep Skin Smooth - Remove dead skin, exfoliator,callos, hard cocoon, crack, glial hyperplasia etc.

Your shower will instantly transform into a DIY pedicure salon when you use Shower Slippers. Each slipper is lined with thousand of bristles that are gentle on your feet but tough on dirt. There is even a pumice stone for your heels! This stone polishes away dead skin and helps repair cracks and dryness.

You'll love the non-slip design of the slippers. Each slipper is lined with suction cups so they can be adhered to your shower or tub floor. No worries of the slippers sliding or shifting while you use them. Another safety feature of these bristle brush slippers is that you don't have to bend over to wash your feet! This decreases your risk of shower falls.

Your feet will receive the star treatment with our amazing product! Welcome to clean, massaged feet!

Note: This Item Is Selling Fast And In Short Supply At This Time. Get Yours Today Before They Are Gone.    

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Write A Review

Jullianne Pullen

I got this so I would not have to bend to care for my feet because I have back and body aches. This thing is extremely helpful. It both cleans and stimulates my feet I also have foot and leg circulation issues, so I needed something to help stimulate by feet and this helps a lot! Thank you.


Baily Till

I tried this scrubber out for the first night and it did not disappoint. It actually cleaned my feet better than I would have done bending over. I just squirt the soap on it and its effortless. You could also use a soap bar to lather your feet first and then scrub your feet using the scrubber.


Lisa Baker

Sometimes the simplest products are the best ones! Great price too. Shipping good!


Ivy Bell

Very satisfied with this product. I never knew something like this was available but I decided to get it and its so much easier to wash can care for your feet. Highly recommended.

Janessa Coleman

I LOVE these shower slippers! Last year, I took a terrible tumble down some stairs. This accident left me with a bad back injury. i can no longer stand for long periods. These scrubby slippers help me safely wash my feet whilst in the shower. No bending! No slipping!

Tracy Goatskin

Wow! I don't know where I'd be without my exfoliating shower slippers! These things clean my feet and feel so amazing!

Travis Heffman

There's nothing like coming home after a long day's work and getting a nice foot massage. These scrubby slippers for the shower are the bomb!

Daniel R.

I bought these shower foot scrubbers for my mom and dad. They are getting up there in age and are very unstable. I feel confident that these slippers will decrease their fall risk while bathing.

Helen Sanders

Great product! I'm so glad that these slippers make my bathing routine so easy!

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