Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

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The Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is great for those with health problems, the elderly, and anyone who simply wants to keep track of their BP.

The tool is easy to use and read. You'll love how comfortable this BP cuff is!

all readings are spot on and accurate.

Right now, the Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is on SALE!


  • With voice broadcast
  • 2x192 sets of storage data
  • 3.7inch big LCD screen shows the results
  • Light and easy to carry
  • Low noise, low power consumption, and long service life
  • Automatic measure easy to use
  • Accuracy ±3mmHg ±0.4kP
  • Four-layer packaging to prevent damage


  • Suitable arm Circumference: 23cm-33cm
  • LCD size: 115 x 135 mm x 83mm
  • Pulse rate: 40~199 time /min
  • Pressure measurements range: 0~280mmHg(0~37.33kPa)
  • Storage Memory: 2x192 groups
  • Weight: 280g (not including battery)
  • Equipment operation mode: Intermittent operation

How to Use:

  1. Turn the power on to start the unit.
  2. The cuff will inflate by itself with a push of a button.
  3. After the cuff inflates, the automatic device will slowly let air out.
  4. Look at the display screen to get your blood pressure reading. It will show your systolic and diastolic pressures. Write down the measurement in your record. The systolic pressure goes in front of the diastolic pressure. For example, 120/80.
  5. If you need to repeat the measurement, wait 2 to 3 minutes before starting.

Package includes: 

  • 1 x Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
  • 1 x Manual